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We Left Our Hearts In London!

We Miss London
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We left our hearts in London.

This is the place where all of us who miss this lovely, remarkable city can get together and wish we were still there or could visit again.

Feel free to post as often as you like to include things such as:
+ Stories
+ Good/bad experiences
+ Photos
+ What you miss
+ What you loved most
+ Who you remember
+ Where you stayed/what you ate
+ Anything and everything about London!

A few little rules for wemisslondon:
+ Keep entries as on topic as possible.
+ LJ-cut any long entries or photo posts.
+ Putting your location (ie- city/province/state/whatev) in the Location field of an entry is encouraged. Basically just for curiousity purposes.
+ Try to tag your entries as often as possible.

Any shameless plugs you can give for this community would be muchly appreciated. Maybe I'll make a small banner or two eventually in case you want to use them.

+ ___ohnoose
+ Melissa
+ Vancouver, British Columbia
+ numbthemadness at yahoo dot ca