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It's been four years (almost) and I've never missed London as much as I do right now. A few of my friends just got back from a trip there, and their photos almost brought me to tears.....

I miss London!
I live in Vancouver, B.C., and a couple of weeks ago I was walking along a busy street near my home. I was recognized by / literally ran into a man that had lived around the corner from me when I lived in London *three and a half years ago*. It was the strangest thing that has ever happened to me. He lives pretty close to me again. He moved out here not long after I did. We were not close or anything when we were in England, we just said hello to one another as he walked his dog and I was on my way home from school, but he recognized me in the middle of the street. It was weird to say the least....

Mar. 5th, 2007

I have been to London a few times(About a month each time), in the last three years. I love it there! I hope I can get back soon...


Morning all,

Great idea for a community!

I was born and raised in London- I moved to Vancouver two years ago. Oddly enough- I haven't run into too many of my fellow Countrymen/women here, maybe that will change now?

I wish you all a pleasant (rainy) Monday :)

some photos

i was in london for the last week of my month-long trip to britain and ireland in november 2005. i think about this city daily and i NEED to go back. if i don't, i will have a sad, sad heart.

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first post :)

welcome to the community!

please please please promote the community. we need to get the ball rolling :)